Hi. Any one have experience with NCSA recruiting services?
I don’t know anything about them but they contacted me. Appreciate any insight because I don’t know anything about the recruiting world. Thank you. [/quote]

Not worth the money at all. The information is all available for free. Coaches do not hide email addresses. the only teams that will contact you are ones that really will take almost any player.

You actually need as site to store videos, news, grades, etc. These companies help manage it all in one place for you where a coach can get a glimpse of your background. I highly recommend it.[/quote]

It is easy to have everything in one place. Our club pays for a site for all of the girls to use. I just posted my daughter's highlight videos to Youtube and link them there. If the club didn't pay for the site, I'm not sure I'd pay on my own - she just includes a link to the youtube video in her emails to coaches.

Believe these are major money grabs but it does matter who your club coach is and what type of college connections they have to get your son noticed