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Hi. Any one have experience with NCSA recruiting services?
I don’t know anything about them but they contacted me. Appreciate any insight because I don’t know anything about the recruiting world. Thank you.

Not worth the money at all. The information is all available for free. Coaches do not hide email addresses. the only teams that will contact you are ones that really will take almost any player.

You actually need as site to store videos, news, grades, etc. These companies help manage it all in one place for you where a coach can get a glimpse of your background. I highly recommend it.[/quote]

It is easy to have everything in one place. Our club pays for a site for all of the girls to use. I just posted my daughter's highlight videos to Youtube and link them there. If the club didn't pay for the site, I'm not sure I'd pay on my own - she just includes a link to the youtube video in her emails to coaches.

Believe these are major money grabs but it does matter who your club coach is and what type of college connections they have to get your son noticed [/quote]
You don't need a service to accomplish what they already do. The only reason someone would want it is to have a direct connection to the college coaches which none of them do. Every school has a lacrosse page with all the coaches information. A few schools may not give phone numbers but most will have emails. When you email a coach share video which you can do through a youtube link so no need to store on a service and make sure to tell them what club / HS team you play for, where you will be, when you will be there. You should give your grades and, too early, but standardized test scores if you are satisfied with the grade. When you get close to a tournament, showcase or prospect day, make sure to email the coach again and give them your jersey number and schedule of you have it. The easier you make it for them to find you the better chance you have them to see you. It does help to have a club or HS coach that is connected and respected and doesn't advocate in a bias manner. What I mean is some kids are good enough to play at Duke and others are not. There is a school for everyone, especially if you are playing high level lacrosse, but your coach shouldn't contact Duke if your son is not good enough. He loses credibility for the next kid he recommends.

All this is way too soon anyway as the boys have a good year to get bigger, better and stronger before it will really matter for this age group. You will be surprised how much some of the smaller kids catch up in a year. Much more fun to watch.