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Delaware Governor Carney Announces Delay in Phase 3 of Economic Reopening


I think at one point or another many posters (including myself) have been the voice of reason and say its time to move on. The summer for the most part AIN'T happening. Invariably someone will post with a backhanded political remark or insult or some other ad hominem attack. I will reiterate what has been said for the past few weeks and/or months. TIME TO MOVE ON! Lacrosse aint happening this summer. Yes, I know there is a rumor of a tourney in the midwest or somewhere in Tennessee and even a game being streamed this weekend BUT AGAIN SUMMER AIN'T HAPPENING! Delaware WILL NOT BE HAVING TOURNAMENTS. Nor will NY or NJ or Connecticut. Sure there will be some teams practicing and some team playdates but its time to enjoy your family and move on. On another thread someone posted one of the top female teams already cancelled their summer. they will only have a few scrimmages and practice. THAT'S WHAT ALL CLUBS SHOULD DO. Everyone's hope was July in Delaware but wit the uptick, there is not a chance that Delaware will allow hundreds if not thousands of people from other states enter fro a lax tournament. People who still believe this are naive - the summer of lacrosse is not happening.