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Naw man. There’s 8 attack on the 2023 teams. Ridiculous. Can promise all the college coaches you want. But when you get 5 mins of playing time in a 30 min game. How’s that worth $450 bucks? Oh, and you were promised no more than 4 attack per team. I assume people will ask credit card for $$ back.

Nobody is going to disagree that Elite 80 pulls the best college coaches in the country to attend the event but the point of all showcases is to be seen and playing roughly 10 minutes if you are an attack player just stinks. Showcases are hit or miss to begin with depending on whether or not you have a good fogo and can possess the ball on offense. Couple that with limited playing time and it is a losing combination. The one upside is you can get your son used to the intensity of prospect days and showcase events which can be daunting but not for approx. 30 minutes over three games for $495. That's roughly $16.50 per minute of time.