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Recommendations please for any 2023 clubs that still have open spots?
My son is relatively new lacrosse player but a good athlete (football/basketball). He played middle school lacrosse as a midfielder and had some success and really enjoyed it. He would like to play travel for the first time this year. I understand I’m late to the game but are any clubs considering supplemental tryouts?
Thanks for any leads.

Someone should jump all over this opportunity. I was talking to a friend this morning at school practice for another sport and he was saying how his son who first played lacrosse last spring in middle school loves lacrosse now. There should be clinics/camps for this age and older for kids/athletes who have just found lacrosse. Most clinics I see are for younger kids however I think there is a market for new older kids leaving other sports to play lacrosse. There is a FLG ad that keeps showing up on my facebook that has kids going around cones and stuff but its for 8th grade and younger. I guarantee there would be a market for basic lacrosse skills for 9th graders and older.

Queue the comments now on how its too late to start lacrosse at 9th grade. Please don't bother as coaches want to see athletes at any age instead of the non athlete with great stick skills from 8 years of club lacrosse.

I agree. We'll start seeing the late bloomers catching up and surpassing the early studs. Someone could make a fortune starting training specific clinics for High Schoolers. Advanced IQ, dodging-feeding, tricks, etc

It's a niche market and not enough opportunity to make a profit especially as it would be 1-2 players across many towns and these kids parents are probably not as nuts as we all have been for x number of years with the traveling. If the kids a great athlete then he will pick up the sport fairly quickly.