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Hi. Any one have experience with NCSA recruiting services?
I don’t know anything about them but they contacted me. Appreciate any insight because I don’t know anything about the recruiting world. Thank you.

Too young for 2023. You have a good year before you need to do anything from a recruiting perspective. Colleges are on the very tail end of the 2020 and in deep with the 2021. They will be looking at the 2022 this Fall and ramp up in the summer ahead of September of next year. No reason to so anything significant recruiting wise for 2023 because the colleges are actually happy about the new rules as it allows them to look at the boys closer to their full size and pretty much after every boy has done most of their growing.

As for recruiting services, some are better than others but many of them do the similar things. Give you a venue to put your profile such as grades, video, etc. and allow you to email coaches. My personal view is it is better to email the coach using your own email than through the recruiting service and you can pretty easily get all the college coaches contacts via the college team website.