Whew! I thought this was the 2019 fall/ summer thread, not the fl$
Bashing thread. However, since I'm here with this nonsense going on, I'll say this,
my son only played one year in the "organization" And I use the word for a reason. They are highly organized, pleasant people who provided the
highest level of instruction he ever received. Visit their website, not just a shell
It has links I still use today, calendar has a pretty complete prospect day list.
My son plays D stick and his years head coach was excellent for teaching D play, my sons play took a giant leap forward under him. And this is going to sound corny, but so did his " Love of the Game" .He Increased his knowledgebase, exposed him to high level play, and by the way, the organization DID express the need to engage in some form of public service. AND backed that up with ways to do it. Did you know that C****W***** runs an equipment donation program that brings equipment and training to "non traditional" lacrosse kids. All boys were encouraged to participate. Not every team does that. So before you take this as a commercial for fl$, I let you know these last tidbits. They are a bit pricey, but I believe we got what we paid for. We weren't around long enough to find out if that would have paid off. AND my son was cut from fl$ two years ago in the midst of that upheaval referenced earlier. He was upset, and I told them so. They are a select side team and make no bones about it. However, Director M*** W***** emailed me and offered to call my son, talk to him and pick him up some. My kid didn't need the call as he shrugged it off the next day but I never forgot that willingness to ease a young man's angst.. He made a new team using the high level of play they taught him, doing well since. AND I just watched two former fl$ kids from same year rack up 5-6 goals against his team last weekend at Adreniline invitational. Say what you want, fl$ will prepare your kid for lacrosse and preparing for life is your job. I hope they can right the ship. One man's opinion