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Ya those Canadian 2019's are slow eh. On that EDGE team you have Hopkins xs 2, UNC, Denver, CSU xs 2, Albany, Cornell, HPU and more. I'm sure they are really sad about that reclass.

Head out for a rip in the IROC bud. You LI dads are so smart.

Oh,I'm sure they'll do well on the field being that they are so much larger than the other players due to the extra 400-500 days of physical growth. Just hope they can keep with the mental aspect of advanced academics.

I'm sure if you compared birth years of the Canadian freshmen and US freshmen in college you would see that they are pretty well on age.

You'll also notice a lot of 20 year old freshmen... none of which are Canadian.

CT, MD & TX kids are generally older but that's a choice each parent must make. The Canadians my son has played have been older also. One team was kicked out of a tournament this summer.

Na´ve in NY.