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This is why people get mad when they post something on this site. Again it's 10 to 15 emails were sent to my son from D1 schools. He is not the next rabil but is a hard worker. 43 emails from all different schools not all D1 schools. To be honest with you I only went to one prospect camp out of all of the schools that expressed interest. I am very proud but I'm not jumping on the band wagon so I can say my son gave a verbal to blah blah blah. Some of you parents are so full of yourselves it's sickening at times to read. My son will find his way and find the college that's right for him cause that's what I teach him. If he gets money from whatever school he gets into then God bless him if not then so be it. I'm realistic and I know my kid and others that are out there that he is better than that have given a verbal in tenth grade and most of that comes from the parents so that they can brag about their kid. Get real and let your kid make his own choice in life. Support them in every way we can. That's my opinion.

Ok, so now all your facts are on the table. To be clear, you're the one that came on here all full of bluster about how people "do not need travel lacrosse to recruited". Those are your words. You are also the one that made it personal, about your own son. You further insinuated he was an example of how you don't need travel lacrosse to get recruited. Again your words. Please, it's time for you to stop.
Receiving an email from a coach about a prospect day is great, very exciting. It can be the first indication of minimal interest. More likely than not, it's a form email where they may or may not have added his name to the email program they use. Even if addressed with his first name. Is it better than not getting any emails? Sure. However, these emails should not be considered as the program recruiting your son. Prospect days are used for two things. One, to get a look at 5-10 kids a program is really interested in. Two, to get $150-$200 from the other 50 or 60 kids to support the program. My son's friends received many emails from events they didn't even attend due to scheduling conflicts.
Please understand, I'm in no way bashing your son, I sure he's a great player.
I am calling you out on your ridiculous advise to people on how they don't need travel lacrosse, when almost all recruits "are" travel kids. Again, if your son is playing at top 4 or 5 HS program on LI and is standout there, then maybe he doesn't need travel. If not, then it's bad advise from someone who clearly has zero understanding of the recruiting process. Believe me, did I enjoy spending all that money club? No, but I cannot argue with the results.
If I had to guess, I would bet you are HS Coach who thinks he's got the recruiting process all nailed down. One that spews nonsense about how "you don't need travel". Pay, I mean play for me all summer. Sound familiar?

If you are truly a parent, and not a HS Coach, I implore you educate yourself on the recruiting process.

Ask yourself these questions:

After receiving these emails, did you call these programs and talk to the Coaches? Did you determine their level of interest?

Did your HS Coach call any of these Coaches to determine interest?

Did anyone talk to the Coaches to determine the actual level of interest?

Did any of these programs call your Coach?
Do you know for sure if your Coach shared with you if any of these Coaches called about your son? I bet you didn't know some HS Coaches will withhold that information for whatever reason. Some just forget. Did you know that?

Did anyone follow up the day after your son attended his prospect day to determine where he stands with the program?

Is your HS Coach proactively reaching out to the schools on your list letting them know what a great player your son is, and how they seriously need to consider him as a recruit?

Look I really don't care what you do, makes no difference to me. Mine are both done. I can tell you from experience, my son's HS Coaches were not doing any of the above. Sadly, they did forget tell us about schools that were interested. They did the same to other kids as well.

Again, when you come on here and spout about how kids don't need travel, you sound clueless. I'm glad we didn't leave my son's dreams and aspirations in the hands of his HS Coaches. By the way, there is real money out there for talented lacrosse kids with decent grades. 25, 40, even 60% of the total cost of college. With schools costing nearly $240,000 for a four year degree, that's between $60,000-$150,000 you're talking about saving. YES, that kind of money is out there for the right player at the right program. If anyone tells you differently, they're either jealous or misinformed.

Ask yourself one last question: Is this the kind of financial situation you're going to leave in the hands of your HS Coach?

Good Luck!