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Really enjoying the banter. The feud seemed to start between 2019 Express and Edge Canada. I've heard about the Edge committed kids which is impressive. Where is the update on the Express kids? Did any commit? Did the broken limb heal? Did Vinnie get the IROC off the blocks?

Slither back under your rock. Have not followed much of the banter but do not believe Express ever complained about edge. As far as Express goes they have plenty of commits and I would be willing to bet that few if any have IROC's ... better bet would be Mercedes, BMW or Range Rover...

Yale -2
Notre Dame
West Point
Georgetown - 2
Loyola - 2

Sure that I missed a few and sure that there are a bunch more that are close.

Enjoy the rest of your day and don't worry about Express Kids or they type of cars their parents drive.

Merry Christmas to all