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Dude, your president elect is Donald Trump. Let that roll around in your head for a bit. No Canadian wants to be American. Trust us on that. As for the Frog blast that would apply to a person from Quebec. Could you knuckle dragging, chest pube poppin Iroc drivin idiots be any more dense?

Let this roll around in your head: Canada is a meaningless country on the world stage. It is insignificant in every way imaginable. Your leader is a leftist/Socialist nut bag.
The United States is the greatest, free society ever created. It must be very difficult living in the shadow of such exceptionalism. I feel sorry for you cupcakes.
And yes! Donald Trump is our President, thank God. He will go down as one of the greatest Presidents ever. Just like Ronald Reagan. You know, the guy that created the greatest era of economic prosperity North America has ever seen! Yes, maple syrup boy, you do nothings benefited too. He also engineered the collapse of the USSR. He did it through a policy of peace by overwhelming military strength. In the process, he brought freedom to millions and millions of people in Eastern Europe. So yes, Donald Trump is our next President. He will have similar success like the great one. Have you seen the tide of Economic sentiment change right before your eyes??? Well investors have! Now, once he gets rid of all those regulations and that awful Obamacare, the engine of freedom will be on overdrive once again. Driven by the fuel of freedom, sweet, sweet, crude. Sucked out of the ground up there near the artic circle where 100's of years of fuel lay untouched. The only thing that will be disturbed are a few field mice and some Caribou.
Once all that takes place, your sorry asses up North can then come across the border to pay cash the operations that you can't get up there. You know, because the GOVERMENT told you, you don't really need it right now, get in line. Yeah, love that Government healthcare, eh.
Now you go back and crawl into the frozen hole you crawled out of and thank your lucky stars that the Lady Liberty is to your South, keeping you safe in that big broad shadow she casts...