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I agree...worry? about what? scholarship money? roster spot? why? that's silly ---- 2019 ? come on. the 2019 kids who are the top players are done to an extent. everyone else has plenty of time. you need that validation so badly?

Silly to you, but not for many. I know quite a few folks rightfully asking themselves why, why isn't my son getting much if any looks.

Easy to say, it will come dont worry! When you are thinking why isn't this kid picked either!

The process is flawed at best. I know of at least 12 kids from Canada NE LI MidAtl that havnt gotten solid looks or more looks and these are players that should.

For some it is a waiting game. You and your player will be all the better for appreciating the time, patience, hard work and perseverance.

In this new vacuum we are in, I don't think its silly to think why not my child. Best we can all say is Try not too, but if we are not in your shoes we can't truly know the emotion.

As far as the poster who asked "do you need validation". Maybe, maybe validation is a little good too, maybe that validation to the player who is working his tail off could be used as positive reinforcement.

For anyone to.say it is not a full family process is missing themselves.