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Fortunate for our program we have hs coaches that care. They have been around and would be happy to help out the kids. In my son's case the hard work payed off. More hs coaches should do the same for the kids. It's a top hs program that he plays for that has always been successful. Very proud parents of all that he has worked for. Just to put it out there he only played in one recruiting tournament and is getting calls and emails from D1 schools. Keep your kids confidence up and encourage him to go get that spot on varsity if that's one of his goals. You can get looks from D1 without having to do travel is all that I'm trying to say. Don't give all of these travel teams that much credit.

Great for your son.

There are roughly 215 HS Sophomores (2019) committed top play DI Lacrosse.
It looks like 99% of them play club lacrosse.

BTW. it's not all about recruiting. It is also about developing as a player, making friends and starting to developing a network.

Playing against the best competition is an important component of player development. The reality is, most HS programs are not very competitive and most HS games are played at a very slow pace.

Go watch the top 91 team play Mad Lax National or Laxachusetts. Check the 91 or Express Rosters, you will find the rosters loaded with kids from Massapequa, Syosset, Manhasset, Ward Melville, St. Anthony's, Chaminade and other top programs.

Advising against playing club lacrosse is foolish.