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If one organization recruits all the best players they should have alot of D1 commits. My kid has been in contact with 10 to 15 D1 schools and he doesn't play travel. Played in the past but never for one of the big programs. So I would disagree with what you said.

Unfortunately, most HS programs do NOT get the kind of exposure you're talking about. If your son is at strong program and played Varsity as a Freshman, that's great. If he's at an average program and receiving that kind of exposure, consider yourself extremely lucky. Lastly, if your son is that good, then he's that 1/10 of 1% of kids. Congrats, an example of "if he's that good they'll find him". For the rest of us, who's kid's had to really work to get some exposure, your method will not work. Mine is a D1 commit, played varsity as a freshman, and had to do many events to get recruited. Without the support of his club, would have never gotten into the top showcases, where was an all-star. His HS Coach didn't even know what those events were, let alone have any ability to secure an invite! Without the club piece he still wouldn't be committed.