Just to give some advice to others. If your son is a good lax player and works hard and you are a realistic parent then all you have to do is get your son in the right position for him. There are plenty of things out there for your kid to do to get noticed. It's not all about the top organizations getting your kid in a D1 program. Don't get me wrong it does help. Do what is right for your kid. Make some contacts on and off the field with lax guys and people will be more then happy to give you ideas. Funny thing is that I have not dumped alot of money on travel and I can write to you and say how proud I am of all of his hard work that he did to get to varsity as a freshman, start and is being looked at by D1 schools. But if he chooses to go to a D3 school that's fine with me. Proud no matter where he goes.