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No,I think you missed it. the first part of the original post is a the poster making a point based upon his/her opinion on how programs should be developing and preparing kids - fine. The second part of the post devolves to the typical hate spewing intended to insult parents of kids who have made early D1 verbals. It has no value and will not change anything, including the recruiting status of his own child. Stop rooting for kids to fail and hating on what others have. It doesn't make your kid any better as a player or you any better as a parent. Whether or not ER is good or bad for the game is incidental until the rules change. But just stop pretending all of this ER bashing is anything else but jealousy. And if you are fortunate enough to take advantage of it, I would recommend that you do. Then I bet the perspective changes - pretty quickly.
Stop the hate (and envy...)! quote=Anonymous]
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What's with D1 commits. Is that what you base an organization on. That's sad. How about an organization developing kids so that they get into a good college regardless of what division they are in. Plus why give a verbal when your in 10th grade? Oh so you the parent can tell your friends that your kid gave a verbal. Get a life.

Ok, I guess having multiple D1 commits on one team only means you have multiple kids that have shown they are among the best kids in their respective grade. If yours is turning down those D1 offers in hopes of something better, more power to him. Either way, your envy shines through...

Seems you missed the point that the other post was making, so OK . . .

Great post above, right on target. Mine was the original post responding to the post regarding a certain Club's status in the 2018 and 2019 grades. The clubs, and HS teams, are usually judged on how "good" they are based on the number of D1 commits, like it or not. A club is also judged by consumers by the number of kids they commit. The teams from that other particular club only have one or two commits combined from those grade years. In fact, a couple of kids left, and went elsewhere to get a commitment. That's just a fact. Other clubs on LI other than the big two, have multiple commits in those grades. So, if your son's goal is to play lacrosse in college, at the highest levels, he would be better served at other clubs given their track records and the track record of the club in question. This is not an opinion, it is just based on numbers, which don't lie.