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Your another one of those non believer's. I said 10 to 15 D1 coaches. 43 total emails were sent to him if you really want to know. Maybe you need me to show you the emails. Oh I deleted them by mistake. Unheard of but no you can say you heard od it. What the heck would I lie to anybody about that. I'm as proud as can be of my son. You don't need travel to get looked at by D1 school and that my friend is a fact. 2

Ok Daddy. Why so angry? You should be happy. Obviously your son "IS" the next Rabil. One tournament and 43 emails from 43 D1 schools, congrats.
Again, not the typical experience of the average D1 commit. Most need to do many events with club and attend showcases on an individual basis. That is why the club piece is so important. To come on here and give people advise to contrary is just silly. Again, your son is the exception by a wide margin. Not the rule. If you look at the top 100 commits in every grade 95+ percent are travel club players. So by that measure, I would say almost all top recruits needed travel lacrosse. But hey, yours didn't. Be happy, you saved all that money and got the scholarship.