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Are you guys really taking the time to make the case which country is better? The only time Canada was an attractive alternative to the US was to dodge the draft.

Canadian families will sell their souls to get their kid into a US college, who in the US even considers attending a Canadian school?

If Canada was so attractive we would have taken it centuries ago. Our forefathers drew a line at the 49th parallel and decided everything north was unwanted.

1. Check out the roster at McGill University. Lots of Americans choose to attend a Canadian School.

2. You dummies tried in 1812 to take north of the 49th and ended up with the White House burned to the ground and your asses kicked.

Ha funny. Your weak asses needed the British to defend you then just like you currently need the USA to defend your butts now. Be a good socialist and go pick-up your government check and make bird houses in your cabin.