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This is why people get mad when they post something on this site. Again it's 10 to 15 emails were sent to my son from D1 schools. He is not the next rabil but is a hard worker. 43 emails from all different schools not all D1 schools. To be honest with you I only went to one prospect camp out of all of the schools that expressed interest. I am very proud but I'm not jumping on the band wagon so I can say my son gave a verbal to blah blah blah. Some of you parents are so full of yourselves it's sickening at times to read. My son will find his way and find the college that's right for him cause that's what I teach him. If he gets money from whatever school he gets into then God bless him if not then so be it. I'm realistic and I know my kid and others that are out there that he is better than that have given a verbal in tenth grade and most of that comes from the parents so that they can brag about their kid. Get real and let your kid make his own choice in life. Support them in every way we can. That's my opinion.

How old is your son??? Im assuming he's a sophomore being the forum this conversation is taking place. With that said, Im curious to the content of these 43 emails. With the strict rules NCAA has placed on the coaches, aside from invites to prospect camps, etc., they are PROHIBITED from emailing or calling recruits until their junior year. Care to share?