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You must be one of those CA parents. I am not a Leading Edge parent whose team played them in the finals, but we played them on Saturday and they trounced us. Very good team. But I can echo the previous poster's comments. Even while they were beating us soundly, the parents acted like clowns. Everyone cheers for their kids, but who yells out instructions from the sidelines, especially when you are up big?

It was like listening to U11 parents. You would think they would have learned by now. I'm glad to hear they lost in the finals.

Perhaps no one told them that they were at a "recruiting tournament"???? The Coaches are watching the parents behavior as well. On another note, many of the top players from the East Coast no longer play travel. Once committed they play elsewhere. While WCS is a very good team, they aren't really playing teams full of the best talent out here. I would bet that the overwhelming majority of committed East Coast 2017's aren't playing for a club team. See the Turtles... With that said, I imagine it's exciting for the parents to see their kids beat these East Coast teams.