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fl$'s club is becoming a non-event...attracts lesser talent and fighting to stay relevant...joining forces with 3D for a marginal tournament (there were coaches there but should disclose that they pay them $500/day to show up) is a move out of desperation...soon they will be 3D Long Island

I don't now about "non-event." Their 2017 team presently has 10 D1 commits (all to good to superior academic/lacrosse schools). Would also expect additional commitments over the next 9-10 months from much of the remaining pool. Agree that, relative to the Turtles and Team 91, these commitments are not as impressive, but no shabby for a program that is a "non-event." Regardless of your particular perception, fl$ seems to have been able to, either or both, develop talent and/or get players recognized by college coaches.