My son was on the 2016 fl$ team and was not one of the Chaminade boys. At one point this was an excellent team - one of the best in the country during the summer going into their Junior year. The tournament that the Chaminade boys did not make this past summer was brutal on the rest of the team. The heat index was well over 100 and at one point due to exhaustion and injury, they had ZERO subs. Think about what that heat must have been like for them under those helmets. As horrible as that was, my son would have gladly welcomed back his Chaminade friends and teamates that he had bonded with over prior few years for their very last tournament together. But, unfortunately, he was denied that privilege. Personally, I think the club should have let the non-Chaminade boys have a say in whether they should have been cut or not but the politics and egos of "adults" apparently forgot to ask my son for his opinion - a shame because it had been a great experience until the very end.