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I heard the UNC coach talk about recruiting a few weeks ago and he said a few interesting things:
1. He is starting to back away from the recruiting of freshman, they have lost several early recruits and he feels (and he hopes) that the trend is going to start to go later because of it.
2. When describing what they look for, the first thing out of his mouth was "big and strong", then a dad asked about smaller guys and he said, if they can run like the wind, then yes there is a place. He then mentioned Sankey who was working at the camp.

1. UNC committed a 2019 recently. So I don't think anything has changed. They are having a 2019 prospect day in October so it seems like they are still very active. They may wish it would change but until Starsia and Petro change tactics it wont.
2. UNC loses recruits who commit early when their grades improve and are now able to get into a better quality school. They pick up recruits from lower quality schools or when kids at the higher schools don't have grades and trade down.
3. UNC recruits all sizes of players. Last year they had kids ranging in size from 5-5 to 6-6. Common denominator is stick skills and ability to play at high speed. The coach does have a preference for athletic kids, although not sure that has really made a difference against other top 10 teams they play.
4. UNC Coach is in the business of making money from camps and does a great job at that.
5. The top Long Island kids will always be recruited by the ACC schools. So keep working hard.