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How hard is it going to be recruited if its your first time on an 'A' team ever? and were a nobody before?

If you are big, fast and hustle you will be recruited. Where you get recruited is a different story, the ACC teams are already filled. But get yourself a nice education in the Patriot League, and any one of those teams can win a title. Just see Loyola a couple of years ago.

This early recruiting crap, and the geographical spread will create parity at the next level. Just wait and see. LATE BLOOMERS will be the new trend, five years from now.

It will be great for NCAA lacrosse.

At this stage, better to go to a high end D3 than a low end D1. Don't hope to be "discovered" by a high end D1 - Unless your name is "Bubba" it won't happen and you'll be sorry you didn't respond to the better D3 programs that may have been interested. Respond to everything - the worst is when you have to crawl back to a program you were only lukewarm on because you had a fantasy of somewhere else that didn't work out. It happened to my son and he missed on some other great opportunities that he regrets passing on the first time around. Just as importantly, go see a D3 fall practice, it might open your eyes about the high quality of competition and will surprise you how good these D3 guys are. It's a phenomenal quality of lacrosse and many current D1 hopefuls that are not yet recruited may be surprised that they're not even good enough for many of the high end D3 programs. Many of the high end D3s could easily beat the middle to lower tier D1s.