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yes, we will be playing for the outlaws this coming year. We love them.

I would stay clear of this program respectfully. My son was part of the A program that had 30 something kids last year. The club has admitted its mistake but really hasn't accounted for it in any meaningful way. If they backed up its words with monetary incentives I would give them a second chance. However, to be subjected to another $100 tryout fee and a future payment plan of $2,500.

Hope this helps you in making your decision, I do think most of the non premier teams have this experience. So they are probably not alone, but I do believe if you have a product and you admit it wasn't a good one. Don't ask for more money the next year.

Sounds like maybe your son wasn't asked back. I'm not putting you or him down, but the team you're referring to was extremely strong this year. 12-14 commits so far. The next older team has 20+ Commits. What exactly would you being staying clear of? The high likelihood of your son committing by the time it's all over? As parents, we sometimes have to take a hard look at our son's talent level. Not every kid can play this game at the next level, its really hard to get colleges to recruit you to play in college anywhere... There are so many really good players out there. I have nothing to do with Outlaws, other than being a parent of a kid in the program who's been through the recruiting process a couple of times.