Factually correct is the IAC "powers"will auto drop any team that beats them in consecutive years. In their own minds the winner of that conference is the #1 team in the country and a bubble wrap around it is best. Of course the easy thing to try and pass is a few of those teams played Hill and Culver in past 3 years. Bullis and SSSAS haven't played Hill after getting smoked 3 years ago, and Landon dropped Culver and Hill two years ago when they got tired of losing at home. Last year the smoke and mirrors worked for Landon to be ranked #2 for all high schools, which was hard to lobby for considering they lost to a California team as the only team that rolled through DC and could get a game with Landon. The way it is supposed to work is they market their way to be #1 in the pre-season and then play a lame OOC schedule. If they can win their league, then hey we're #1.

I'll take lame for $600, Alex.