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Some excellent posts. I wouldn't write any late bloomer off. This is the Wild West. This 2017 class broke the levee and the classes filled up at light speed. Kids who were little guys in 9th grade are not projecting well at all. In D1 high level like ACC play you can be super fast small at attack. The rest of the positions, there's just no way. It's like trying to get Rudy on the field for more than the last play. Ain't going to happen for a 5'8 or 5'9 middie or defender or goalie. Those positions you'll always see good athletes with more physical stature. Some programs are just screwed with early recruits and they know it. De-committing is going to blow out, and it won't just be kids changing their minds. It will be coaches counseling kids to look for a new home. Kid gets to save face. Next big trend won't be dumping low tier for upper tier. It will be kids de-committing from Hop, Duke, UVA and UNC because they were dumped. Some assistants at those programs know to be out looking for 2017s and even 2016s. They care about winning and their jobs, not the non-binding commitments they made to 9th graders.

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