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I just still don't understand why the club took it 10 steps further by ridding itself of any players thought to be associated with Chaminade? There is a dispute on a 2017 team so some innocent kid on a younger team whose brother or cousin goes to Chaminade suddenly gets cut? I thought the organization was all about the kids, developing "studletes" etc? If they had a beef with that team that is one thing. Take it up with the Chaminade coach, the involved players and their parents. Instead the club took it much further, over reacted and, in my view, hurt many innocent players in their program just to settle a score with Chaminade.....and that is where their credibility and integrity goes out the window. You don't settle a dispute by inflicting unnecessary pain on kids who have nothing to do with it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion , but I think that was really low brow stuff,

Don't bother opining if you don't know what happened. This happened with the 2016 boys who played for Chaminade and fl$. The 2017 and younger boys continued to play for fl$ without incident. None of the 2017, 2018, 2019 boys were cut from fl$ After the summer season was over, the Chaminade coach told all the the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Chaminade kids not not to play for fl$. Note that the Chaminade cooach has a financial interst in the LI Express.