These club tournaments are starting to look like garbage in, garbage out. I know Sweetlax and fl$ and the others have good players in their clubs but this spamming out teams into so many events makes the events just worse. There is a Sweetlax team going to this fl$ thing, but it seems like a party gift suprise when we get there if it will be "the real deal" Sweetlax team.

Club lacrosse has become a total joke for kids when they get further into high school. I no longer believe that this is where my kid can be challenged in good competition and improve. We're looking into Canadian juniors next summer in search of a spark. Anyone else have bright ideas?

This isn't aimed at any club, just club lacrosse in general guys. Quite honestly if that fantastic 2017s Turtles team is still together, I feel kind of bad for them. There isn't enough of an effort by clubs to put any good 2016 or 2017 teams this past summer, this fall or going ahead because they are marketing organizations focused on recruiting and recruiting is basically all done by soph year now. So juniors and seniors can play for their school and then slum around these crappy club tourneys for 2 1/2 years? No thanks.