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Doesn't really matter. That team is not very good.

It doesn't matter what the season is. The HS team should always come before the club team.

That team was mostly Chaminade boys. Maybe honoring your committment doesn't matter at Chaminade.

1. Why do you have an issue with that?
2. How does that impact you or your family?
3. Why does it bother you what people do with their money, time and children?

Not the person quoted, but here is its impact on my son:

1) When the whole team is not at a given tournament, it affects the team's performance. Not least of which is to potentially leave the team without its goalie.
2) When the team does not perform well, college coaches do not show up or do not focus on my son's team.
3) When the coaches don't show up or focus, my son doesn't get as much of an opportunity to be seen.

Why does it bother me that people will back out of their commitment to a team, because I spent money (as well as 24 other families) on the premise of the team expressing a certain level of quality and therefore opportunity for my son to be seen. So the decision made by the parents affected my son not just their son.

I know we are in this whatever is best for my son/daughter world, but I was always raised to believe that if you joined a team you were committed to fully participate on that team (practices and tournaments). The tournament schedule was know well in advance by all parents and athletes and the Chaminade games came up out of the blue. All of the parents had signed up for the tournaments leaving every other player under the impression that they would show up.