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Sure you did. I actually was on the Olympic team. Not just
the trials. And I'm real sure your son committed.
Did you ever play lax? Or are you determining your sons
Inevitable victory over yesteryears lax programs
on what you perceive is your sons vastly superior
talent. [lacrosse] him.....

Um...it is, [lacrosse] Hum....Brutus...

Why would I lie to you? I'm not the one making outrageous claims of superiority.

The fact is; the performances I did in the 80's at the peak of my NCAA rankings are now being surpassed by the best of the best of today's high schoolers; as my own performances did to the generation prior to mine. Kids are stronger, faster, bigger and yes, tougher. They train with the intensity in high school today equal to, or even superior to that of my peak training prior to the trials.

Cant you see? My ego is in check. I know I'm older. I know the kids of today would have kicked the [lacrosse] of my best performances of yesteryear. Facts are facts. And I love how much training principles and techniques have progressed and am happy to admire the strengths of today's young athletes. But I am not envious of, or belittling of their prowess as you are apt to be.

Face it...you were and are owned. Period.

Game, set and match.

Now spare us all from further boredom with your unstimulating rants.

(And you didn't even catch my little play on William's Brute' being substituted with Brutus. I'm so disappointed. We can surely agree that today's players are at least more intelligent in expressing themselves than you are today or in your yesteryear glory days.)

I tire of your meager attempts to claim a victory.