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Sure you can.....physically today's player would
be pummeled. I'm not saying they're not bigger,
Stronger and faster....they are. They're just not
as tough. Toughness goes a long way. Intimidates
players. Makes all those skills of today a whole
lot more tentative......just an observation of today's

Toughness then, as it is now, equates to aggressiveness which usually is displayed by weaker skill set players in the face of superior skills, as any well traveled long island club parent will tell you.
When the true age kids of Long Island play the reclassifieds of Md and Virginia etc; the older reclassifieds typically are playing where they are as their skills did not or could not match up with those of their peers. Thus the reclassified status. This aggression or "toughness" is relied upon and is inversely proportional to their lack of skills. The kids of Long Island who typically play up usually get much aggression from those who have to play down, as they still don't measure up skill wise. The only advantage they have is size and physical maturity.

Therefore, "the kids were tougher yesteryear" theory doesn't hold up and is typically an anecdotal glory days recollection that just isn't accurate.

And based on the results of the "skilled kids" playing the "tougher kids"; I'd say that the intimidation factor is also null and void.

Your argument thus is baseless as are your observations of today's athletes.

... said the guy who bet on the Broncos over the Seahawks.

Yes...the guy who bet on them to lose to the Seahawks and made a nice little return!