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Now you sound like a petty little person. Your still
saying a 14 yr old will beat a 17 - 18 yr old. Amazing!!!
I guess you win this argument. Congrats. The turtles
and the dukes of today would beat the ward melvilles,
garden city's, massapequa's, farmingdale's, yorktown's
and west genesee's of the 80's. Also the chaminade's
and st Anthony's. Do you realize how silly you sound now?

Lets just drop the age group difference and leave it at todays varsity programs of (fill in your district here) would beat the [lacrosse] out of same districts varsity program from 15-25 years ago.

You people are nuts!! I played for Melville back in the 80's under Couzzo. We destroyed every other team on LI. Our F/O guy was a state champ wrestler. Other guys were football superstars. My teammates were all self-motivated, in fact parents hardly even came to the games, and there were no training sessions and travel teams. Only wish we could bring it on! This is all nonsense. Today's teams may have better equipment, but our athleticism and heart are no match for today's spoiled, soft kids! My kids play for Melville now, and although they are still great, kids today are way more distracted with other things.

This has to be a joke. If it is not I suggest that you get help as soon as possible.