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Hahaha.....classic!! Isn't it funny how things are going nowadays -- It's funny, I played D1 (late 80s - against Gaits etc) and most guys on my college squad started lax in Junior High and 9th grade (even with the old equipment, late start, lack of tourney's, recruiting showcases and specialty clinics) .....would run circles around many of the 'athletes' of today - I don't know, as with the NFL, NHL etc. - Speaking from a current coaches perspective, the youth of the 60s-80s seem to be a tougher class of kid cool

The glory days always look more magnificent through the bottom of your row of empty pints.

7th grade Kids of today would destroy the Varsity teams of your days gone long by

7th graders going up against 12th graders??? Maybe the above poster isn't the one drinking too many brews

Clearly you have not seen the Turtles or Dukes or crabs kids of the 2017 class do just that on the reg as they say.

Is it any wonder that these same teams comprise the largest total of the current 2017 commits to D1 programs.

Take your face out of the pitcher and wipe the suds from your unseeing and reluctant to believe what you're seeing eyes behold.