The real question is do you/they think Varsity programs of Yesteryear 80-90 could beat todays varsity programs.

IMHO, I don't think so. While cks got the ball out more and thats more of an equipment rule. The Team Skill and speed will beat out Skill and Size. Also IMHO that brusing intimidation play no longer exists due to rules and safety not choice of play.

Speed kills ya. Size just hurts you!!!

What say you any placid players.

Originally Posted by Anonymous
This has to be a child saying this nonsense!!!!
The varsity teams of yesteryear would also beat
the 2017's of today. Please stop. I coach a prominent
2017 team and wish to remain anonymous.
Been around the game a long time. Been there and
done it. The varsity teams as you call it of "yesteryear"
would beat them and beat them handily. End this