in the 70's we played with really heavy traditionally strung sticks - wrestling knee pads as arm guards. In the fall most of us played football and in the winter we played basketball and pick up box lacrosse on the tennis courts. Over the summer we played one day a week game only no practices. And some of us were really good. The game was different as well, Middies played both ways, attack were all 5' 2" and weighed 135lbs. D were all football players trying to stay in shape. And if anybody used his off hand we all took notice. Today's players all have sticks in there hands 12 months a year and have specialized positions. there are kids on high school teams today that do not get any playing time that would be the most skilled players from "yesteryear's" high school team you can not compare then to now because it is truly a different game.

Having said all that, I think we had a [lacrosse] of a lot more fun back then, being a lacrosse player in the 70's meant a few things like - 1) you sucked at baseball 2) you were a bro before you knew what that was 3) you could beat the crap out of your opponent on the field an then go to the parking lot and have a beer (or 5) with them and you knew you were a playing the greatest sport in the world for fun, not to commit to a college in 9th grade or to win a championship with your club team.