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Read all the posts and it seems YOU were the bully.
Too much bragging about your accomplishments and
your ncaa rankings and how today's 9th graders could beat
past varsity teams. Then you were the one putting
other posters down. Diminishing their accomishments
In the sport of lacrosse when it seems you never played the game
but verbalize like you have. Your son is young, enjoy it. Stop comparing
him and his team to other older players who have already done what
your son is trying to do. Remember he hasn't done it yet.
Things change. Good luck to you and your family. Hopefully all his dreams
will be fulfilled in the game of lacrosse. That's what it's all about.
Not who's team would beat who.

Clearly you've missed the point of the whole discussion with Brutus stating kids of yesteryear are and were far superior and tougher and the use of intimidation as a skill and compared them to those of today who are soft and spoiled and not measuring up to his standard of the word 'athlete'; and you also missed my acceptance and support that the kids of today are in fact stronger and tougher that yesteryear as was attempted to be claimed by a bully.
If you don't like how easily a bully can be put in his place that's your problem. I only brought up my experienced to illustrate how minimal that they truly are now compared to today's athletes. Brutus is having trouble comprehending that.
Get it? Can I spell it out for you more clearly?