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This arrogant guy really thinks he is better and smarter than
everyone else. Still didn't answer the question: what
makes you an authority on everything lacrosse? Did you play?
Ir are you basing everything on what you read in books about
Lacrosse. It must be lax for dummies, cause that's how
you sound. Or have you learned everything that's needed
from the vast experience of your 14 yr old child. Yep your the bully.
Game. Set. Match. Good night Irene. And with that
I shall sign off for last time. Bye bye bully.

Your last rant mplies that you've signed off before? Stick to your guns. You're the tough guy from the '80's. your new name will be Biff. (Named for the greatest has been bully of the '80's)
Please see YOUR original post regarding the toughness of your generation vs the softness and spoiled nature of this generation. I dint chime in until your boast prompted me to refute our silly statement. You couldn't say anything of substance nor come up with a substantiated argument for your toughness cause.

I will pronounce this thread a flatline wrt your inept attempts to further your inflamed opinions. No resuscitative attempt need be made. There actually is no game set or match; as it wasn't a fair match at all. I am a bully for picking on your inferior intellectual status. I apologize. (That means I'm sorry)
Please continue to go forward at the bowling alley with your pals reliving your amazing glory days and please never stop pontificating how great you were. Must be nice to be so great. And tough. And intimidating. (Your words).

(And my son is 16, btw, and I did infact play the game. 3 letter sports per year, Biff)

I will leave you to your thoughts of grandeur. I shan't miss you or this pitiful discourse.

For someone who claims to know everything, and sprinkle it with patronizing vocabulary, I would have thought you wold realize that there are THREE (had to spell it out for you) different posters calling you out on you rude, disrespectful and downright bizarre comments. I never signed out. Just back once again pointing out what a fool you are. I have not seen one post in support of your ridiculous comments. I think it is time for you to sign out. Please stop embarrassing yourself, I'm actually starting to feel sorry for you!