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Hahaha.....classic!! Isn't it funny how things are going nowadays -- It's funny, I played D1 (late 80s - against Gaits etc) and most guys on my college squad started lax in Junior High and 9th grade (even with the old equipment, late start, lack of tourney's, recruiting showcases and specialty clinics) .....would run circles around many of the 'athletes' of today - I don't know, as with the NFL, NHL etc. - Speaking from a current coaches perspective, the youth of the 60s-80s seem to be a tougher class of kid cool

I disagree with ALL of this EXCEPT for the fact that kids WERE tougher back then.

The rest is not accurate. Kids are bigger, stronger, faster, start earlier, are better trained amd trained from an earlier age. Science has shown us better was to develop faster and stroner athletes.

Kids today are ALSO NOT as respectful to coaches, other kids and refs as they were back then (nor are the parents).