Not implying the club is run poorly or the kids didn't have fun. Last year was the first tryout and now have established teams. The price will not stay this low now that its growing. Might not be as high but don't expect to paynthe same, example last years tryouts were free and now $40. Point is to avoid the issue with all other clubs which become transient, players moving from club to club, the idea should be to get a core group of kids playing together for multiple years. If this is the goal, then the coaches know who should stay on next years teams already etc. the idea that every player has equal chance to fill one of the 20 or so spots is misleading (across all clubs). I wonder how many of the 5th grade A and 7th grade A kids are bein replaced or leaving? Why dismantle and rebuild each year when not broken. That's the point. Success is made with synergy and knowing teammates. True blue could change the face of club lacrosse on LI but just feel its following in the footsteps to build bigger, that creates all the frustration for parents.