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Valid lessons for this weekend for all the boys out there:

1. Some people don't play by the rules and sometimes that impacts you.
2. If they run faster, play harder, and shoot better they will win the game.
3. If you are mad that you lost improve for the next time.
4. Practice like you are playing don't play practice.
5. Beware of adults with Solo Cups they act different than adults without them.
6. It's not just a game to some people and that's ok.
7. Everyone will bend the rules because the rules apply to everyone else but them.
8. Play hard until the end even if the game is 8-1 because 10-3 is much better than 10-0 even though 10-3 still sucks.
9. Respect your opponent on and off the field shake hands when your done and say good game even if you know in your heart that they are cheating.
10. Respect the refs they really don't give a crap who wins or loses or if they get the calls right. ( See #5 ).
11. What you do on the field doesn't define who you are but how you act on the field and off the field does.

If you have any more you can add to this list lets keep this going so we can really make this a learning experience for the boys like everyone keeps saying

Keep it going BOTC community!!!

Fantastic list!!! Here is one more:
12. Solo Cup accusations should only be used if and only if there were actually drunk parents.