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In lacrosse, if you are not playing down, you are playing up. Get used to it. It is the norm. My experience has been that it is most prevalent in the Balt-DC area and in CT/Westchester area but no region is innocent. Not by a long shot.

I hate it and frankly laugh at those pathetic snowflakes that just need to be good at something, even if that means playing younger kids in order to show well.

It will stop when the college coaches stop encouraging it (never happen) or the insurance company that provides coverage for basically all players and teams (via US Lacrosse membership) demands that it stop.

I'd bet on the lawyers before the coaches though I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. Thank goodness some poor kid hasn't been severely injured yet, but sadly that is what it might take.

Man that stinks. Personally I can't stand when there are accusations against other players. I'm not naive, but I'm not the type to accuse someone of being older no matter how big/strong/fast/skilled they are. There was just one time in the 50+ games over the last 3+ years that I was convinced someone was too old. And that was back in 1st grade... No matter how much my radar is going off, I keep it to myself and make sure my son doesn't get jilted into believing anyone better than him or his teammates must be older. I won't let that attitude seep into his head. That's what kind of makes me angry. That it's so accepted and prevalent.