Correction on scores : 2021 Express Wolverines first beat 2021 Outlaws Black 6-0 but then a much more intense 5-2 championship game. Proud of the Wolves -

But to the two posters who discredit the Outlaws - thats the problem that your teams will find out. Wolves clearly showed they can win against top A talent. Outlaws are now top A talent. They are bizarrely better than I recall. They lost last week to the Legacy Blue Knights 6-5 and they definitely took their fair share of shots on goal against us today. They also beat the Cudas a few months ago and Smash last summer.
Any indication that either team is not an "A" team - after the efforts shown by both is asinine at best. Wolves will gel into an AA. Outlaws Black will likely beat every idiotic team that underestimates their grit, speed, talent and goaltending.

It's actually refreshing some other programs are developing a core and now competing against us in 2021. Igloo and 91 Orange aside- Wolves dominates the rest of 2021 for now until we meet them. Just my opinion. After watching both tourneys this year. Igloo was really strong last week especially against Legacy Blue. Not sure the Wolves can take them right now. Wonder who will ever get to play 91 Orange. Haha kinda a joke not to play the best of best on LI first.