Such a low ball move all for a win!
Word has it that 5th grader who is suppose to Be in 6th that plays on 7th grade crush will also be playing for Heat as well . Theres another Crush player who red shirt this year as well and is also eligiable to play on Heat . All to say they dominate all grades. Kind of sucks for some heat players that will get short changed playtime when they bounce from game to game in same touenmants . Oh and especially when they go against Igloo you will sure to see these Crush players in that game !
Yes its true thats one of the reasons why many travel organizations are starting to get tired of 91 run tournaments , the draws that 91 gets and the refferee inconsistencies.

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It was the coaches son. We all know who. A disgrace that the kid played on the team. Exactly why teams are starting to not play in 91's tournaments anymore. He controlled the entire game. Express D could not do anything against him.