I don't think an Outlaws parent wrote that. About 4 paragraphs are missing from that quote. I don't think any Outlaws parent claims the 2021 Outlaws are the best or top 3. The Outlaws will play against the "A" teams. Sometimes they will win sometimes get beat. They hope for the kids to have have fun and get better. If that happens the team will get better. Except for Igloo all the "A" 2021 teams play close games. Some teams share or add players to make the games close. Some teams so far have not had a full roster and played shortanded.It is not important who is the best. Having fun and improving is important. We will see how the teams are in the Summer after fall, Winter and Spring training. I would rather see the kids improve and have fun compared to winning a game by one goal. Those wins mean nothing if your kid does not improve or have fun. Relax. It is only October. We will see what happens by the end of July.Until then all this talk is garbage.
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But to the two posters who discredit the Outlaws - thats the problem that your teams will find out. Wolves clearly showed they can win against top A talent. Outlaws are now top A talent.

You are what you record says you are. This year they have a losing record, lost to Legacy, Wolverines, TLI and Express Cudas. How does this make them "top A talent" WHo have they beaten this fall ? WHen they beat all these teams but 1 or 2 they will be a top A talent.