The team 91 organization is a joke if this is true . They can't win fair apparently . Have to pull in a older kid . And the fact that the organization allows for a coach to bring on his son is appalling . Smash , united , bandits all team 91 club should be banned . Their reputation has declined more and more . You may have best coaching and training but your tactics show what too are made of . And express 2022 is not far behind . Win at all costs how MC dictates the outcome isn't going to work . The kids you think you have are not top players and will sink before you know it . Some of those kids that played on Outlaws are on MC team and MC will soon realize they aren't his winners . They didn't do much for the outlaws last year . Other good teams need to step up and give Long Island a reputable name in lacrosse again. We can and are the best in my opinion - Long Island .