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Actually I'm not the one who brought up the outlaws, just found it extremely amusing that you needed to come up with excuses on why you list to a 4th grade team. How many defensemen were you missing? Pretty sure you had at least 3 there. That's enough. Who's better? bandits or express 2022? Answer : 2023 bandits. Bandits 3rd best 2022 team behind smash and united. 91 domination.

Oh so just trolling around? Hmmmm interesting day.... Get a life and stop trying to cause a reaction, cause you aren't getting one from here. I don't really care which team is better then the next. News flash I ACTUALLY ENJOY WATCHING MY CHILD PLAY, and like the team he's plays for. NO REGRETS WHATSOEVER . So go try and cause a rise on another subject. Jackass