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I have a daughter, so i have no allegiance in this fight. All I read is how bad Viper J.V. is, but I can't help but think Turf Island also must step up and take some responsibility, seems both teams are at fault, or am I wrong?
Have you read this thread?

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If either teem seems to be pointing a finger ...
Clearly, you have not read this thread with the reports and statements.

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... and trying to escape blame its Turf Island, No statement from the director or coach.
Why do you feel you are owed a statement from anyone? Once again, write us at cagesage@backofthecage.com if you want more details.
I have now read through all the posts on this topic twice. What I am reading is how bad Viper J.V. is which seems to be coming from non Viper people/ how other viper age groups are ok, from viper ,and other clubs/ a first hand account from a neutral source/ a statement from Viper/ and how Viper cheats and are cheep shot artists / To me, The statement from Viper says they are taking responsibility for the actions of there players in what was obviously an ugly scene. Nothing from Turf Island, and from what has been posted, it was one of there parents that through a punch at a child. Seeing as this site now has readers from all over the lacrosse community, not just long Island, and this ugly incident is being read by all of them, I have to say that Yes as a Long Island lacrosse parent that travels to other states and have to listen to other parents lump us all together I think we are all owed an explanation from Turf Island's director. Thats just my opinion, I'm sure you will box this into your little blurbs and tear it up.