this photographer has it pretty accurate however: all I can say is that as a parent watching the game,word of mouth has a way of making the story much bigger than it was. soon they will be saying viper lax hires pros to play for them. flat out silly!!! yes a bad penalty resulted in retaliation which resulted in a brawl & some parents rushing the field in an attempt to break it up. what was not said is the majority of parents stayed on the sideline hoping order would be restored which it was. only some parents went on the field to point out fact the event escalated when one non viper parent in camouflage shorts chose to fight kids instead of break up the brawl. this made matters worse. a parent should never rush the field and certainly never assault a child. what has not been said is that most (80%) stayed on the sideline & those on the field tried to break things up because nobody wants their kid hurt.viper lacrosse is a great program and the jv kids will be a group of kids playing quality lax for years to come. when we played 3/4 & 5/6 and so on we had to deal with teams that seemed bigger than us at times but you learn to suck it up and just play to get better. these kids should not be labeled with these negative remarks for the choice few that did not act in a responsible way. we are not the red cup crew and we do not bring in kids form other districts to cheat & win meaningless tournaments. we are a not for profit organization organized for kids to play quality competitive lax . its for the kids. the viper kids are playing together for 5 years now and it shows in their quality lacrosse. they win some and loose some and from this parents perspective its usually the parents of some of these for profit boutique clubs paying $1800 for their child to play that get upset when a lesser known team like viper comes in and schools them. parents need to grow up and shut up and let the kids play.the kids should not get labeled unfairly