Dear Readers : A highly trusted friend of BOTC who is NOT associated with either the Bethpage Vipers or their opponent this weekend happened to be at the field for the Long Island Pride tournament this weekend. We have received the following report regarding the incident at the field. In summary, it was not one of the finer moments for either program.

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You want an eye witness to the altercation at the Pride Tournament? I was there taking pictures of our <<Team Name Deleted>> younger team and walked right into the melee. Helped break it up and calm things down with Joe Baccerella. It was crazy. The Vipers played the Turf Island Oilers. Both very, very good teams. Some real talent on both teams.

From the time I walked up to the game around 11:15 am you could tell it was a rough one. Both teams play very aggressive and hard. In my opinion it was very good lacrosse. When teams play like that emotions run high with young players. <...> Coaches are young on the Vipers but nice guys. Now back to Sunday.

On a face off the Vipers player took a very, very cheap shot at the Oiler face off guy. Flag was thrown by the ref. The Oiler player went nuts and went at the Vipers player. To be honest.....the way he was hit it was almost understandable why he did.....however there is no place for it in the game and two wrongs do not make a right! Once that happened the benches cleared and all [lacrosse] broke out. The refs, Coaches tried to break it up but it was out of control at that point.

That was when the parents ran onto the field.........I heard things in the pile like, "get your hands off my kid" "you don't ever put your hand on a kid" ....and then parents started shoving each other and throwing punches. Down right WRONG and unacceptable!

At this point other level headed people came in and pulled the parents apart and we moved the parents off the field while the teams were separated.

At this point tempers from players and Coaches were high but everyone was calming down. The game was declared OVER with no winner and the two players thrown out of the tournament.

I do not know who the parents were who fought or even care. However they were from both sides. So for anyone to state an opinion it was the Vipers parents needs to look in the mirror. Takes two to Tango.

As a part of the US Lacrosse Chapter I was appalled by the players and more so by the parents. This is not how we "Honor" the game and it has no place in lacrosse.

Felt bad for the Directors of the tournament this had to happen. Everyone needs to relax and HONOR THE GAME! And as for red solo cups....who knows as it was 11:15 in the morning. But as you said we will never know what was in them or who had them.

Just calling it like I witnessed it. That will teach me to tell my wife I'm going down for just one game!